Usage: pedis OPTIONS FILE
Disassemble PE sections and functions (by default, until found a RET or LEAVE instruction)

Example: pedis -r 0x4c4df putty.exe

 --att                                  set AT&T syntax
 -e, --entrypoint                       disassemble entrypoint
 -f, --format <text|csv|xml|html> change output format (default: text)
 -m, --mode <16|32|64>            disassembly mode (default: auto)
 -i, <number>                     number of instructions to be disassembled
 -n, <number>                     number of bytes to be disassembled
 -o, --offset <offset>            disassemble at specified file offset
 -r, --rva <rva>                  disassemble at specified RVA
 -s, --section <section_name>     disassemble entire section given
 -V, --version                          show version and exit
 --help                                 show this help and exit