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Get a ZIP compressed file containing all x86 executables and libraries.

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Linux distributions

Arch, Debian, Kali, REMnux, Ubuntu and hopefully more.


BSidesSP 2013 presentation, Black Hat 2012 citation


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People behind pev

We want to say thank you to the following people who helped pev project in some way:


Fernando Mercês | Jardel Weyrich


Gustavo Roberto | Ricardo Amaral | Rodolfo Villordo

Code contributions

Dmitry Mostovenko | Felipe Pena | Filipe Barros | Gabriel Barbosa | Gabriel Duarte | Jan Seidl | Marcelo Fleury | Neriberto Caetano | Paulo Benatto | Raphael Prudencio | Rodrigo Branco | Tiago Zaniquelli | Wagner Barongello


Aljaž Srebrnič (MacPorts) | Danilo Egêa (FreeBSD Ports) | Robson Cardoso (Arch AUR)

Library authors

ssdeep | openssl | udis86 | pcre

Original team members

Eduardo Fernandes | Francivan Bezerra | Thiago Moraes